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Jack has pretty much been with us from the start, it's been 20 years and we're all to old to remember the exact day!  Jack works daytime bartending and does a little of everything to get the bar open every day!  



Dustin I am happy to be a new addition to my favorite bar. Work coat check and beer bust on Sundays. Love playing poker and pool there during the week and its just great to find a bar that I can I can work play with the same awesome people I work with there.



Denver native with a love for tennis and art! Join me for my weekly zoo adventures!  



"A new transplant to Dever from San Diego, Tripp is our newest member to the Denver Wrangler family. Horses, Traveling, and Tequila are a few of his favorite things."



Originally from Arkansas, Garret has lived and traveled all over the country planning and managing large-scale outdoor live events. He came to Denver in late 2013 and after hanging around the bar for 2 years joined the team in Spring of 2016. When not working at the best bear bar, he loves traveling, hiking, snowboarding, and exploring all the awesome things Colorful Colorado has to offer.



Draven comes from Texas (don't hold that against him). He's the writer of cult indie horror films FRAT HOUSE MASSACRE, INDISCRETION, CAMP SLAUGHTER, VIOLENCE OF THE MIND, and the soon to be produced SHUT UP & TWIRL. Movies can be found in Amazon or Meow.

Chris T.




Born and raised in Colorado.  Graduated from CSU and have worked at a bone and tissue bank since '07.  Avid Broncos fan ... I bleed orange and blue.  Love the outdoors year round, play football, ski, hike, and camp.  Always enjoy a rousing game of pool accompanied by a refreshing vodka redbull.



Chris E.




¡Bienvenidos! My name is Erik! I'm a Colorado native who has made Denver his home! The Denver Wrangler is a great place to be your fabulous self! Be in good cheer with good drinks, great staff and good community! Hugs



Midwest Army Vet who is currently studying computer science. Loves the mountains, sitting by the pool, and everything about Denver nightlife.

"What should we do next? Something good? Something bad? Bit of both?" - Star Lord



I talk loud and I walk proud! Happiness is my game and it's a rare occurrence to not catch me smiling. I'm a firm believer that positivity begets positivity and respect is earned with respect. I have the power to affect change, as do we all, and I have used, do use, and will use my gifts to better this world.  




Been in the military for quarter of my life. Was youngest to win California Leather Sir 2012. Avid console gamer and enjoy working out.


Resident DJs

DJ Brent

Resident DJ

DJ Sinna-G

Resident DJ

DJ Robbie Winehouse

Resident DJ

DJ Ken-E

Resident DJ




Chris has owned the Wrangler for 16 years now.  He maintains this website, and helped  with the website design, and the artwork that you see around the club.  Chris also edits the videos for the front room.  If there's something you'd like to see at the Wrangler, just shoot him an email at the Contact section of this site.


Assistant General Manager / Bartender

My name is Steve, I am a manager at the Wrangler. I have worked here for 15 years now. I bartend Wednesday, Thursday , Saturday and Sunday.   My hobbies include cooking and travel.  



Brandon is a native of Austin, Texas and has been working at The Wrangler for over a year. He moved here for the mountains and loves snowboarding, white water rafting and tacos.



Jason B

Beer Bust Coordinator

Jason has worked at the Wrangler since 2012 and is currently the Beer Bust Coordinator.  Jason grew up in Hawaii and moved to Phoenix in 1996 and later to Denver in 1999.  Jason met his wonderful husband Shane in 2003 and later married in 2008.  Jason is also a personal trainer and group x instructor for 24 Hour Fitness in Lowry and has also competed in Seven bodybuilding competitions placing in the top five in the last six shows. Jason enjoys sci-fi, movies, surfing, scuba diving, snowboarding, cycling and is also a huge fan of Disney.   A rescuer of several puppies overs the years, Jason currently has two Rotties, Hellsing and Reno.


Jello Guy

My name is Nick, but it isn't unheard of for me to be known as the Jello guy.  I've been slinging jello at the Wrangler on beer bust's and holidays for 8 years now.  I've been barbacking at the W for little over 3 years.



Building Engineer




New Mexico native, living in Denver since 2011. The Wrangler has been my comfy, go to bar since moving. I'm happy to be an official part of the family. You'll find me most weekends hanging with my bears, exploring the city, sleeping, hiking, singing in the shower... Sunday's you'll find me slinging beer for Beer Bust. Say hi, I won’t bite.